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What is a Police Clearance Certificate?

A Police Clearance Certificate is the certificate issued by the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Services which is a record of your convictions. This certificate is widely known as a Police Clearance Certificate, Police Clearance, Criminal Record, Arrest Record, Criminal Record, Certificate of Good Conduct etc.

A police certificate is a copy of your criminal record or a declaration of the absence of any criminal record. Police certificates are different in each country and territory and may be called police clearance certificates, good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, rap sheet, arrest record etc. They are issued by police authorities or government departments. In South Africa Police Clearance Certificates are issued by the Criminal Record centre of the SAPS.

Process to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate.

 A) Obtain a set of official fingerprints

• In South Africa you must obtain the from your local Police Station. Important if you pay the R 96

at the police Station in South Africa add the receipt to your documents.

• If you are out of South Africa you must obtain them from a official fingerprint taker in your host

country which can include the police services, post office or a appointed fingerprint taker.

• The fingerprints must be a full set taken on a official fingerprint form.

• If the host country does not want to use their fingerprints you can download the

SAPS fingerprints from here.

 B) Download and complete the client sheet.

 C) Download and complete the Application and Authorisation.


 D) Make a good quality copy of your ID or passport.( Does not need to be certified)

 E) Courier above documents to us at: (Documents can also be delivered)

   GMTM Consultants

   57 Swarthout Street




   South Africa


 E) Lead Time appoxamately 20 working days in 85% plus instances: Track the progress of your Police Clearance here:

• Your application will usually be visible here after about 5 working days.

• The certificate is usually ready for collection about 2 working days after showing as finalised.

 F) On receipt of the application for a Police Clearance Certificate we will lodge the application at the Criminal Record  Centre of the South African Police      Service in Pretoria for processing. We hand in and collect direct at the Criminal record centre Head Office.

     • We visit the CRC on a daily basis to lodge, collect and follow up on he issue of Police Clearance Certificates.

 G) Lead times for the issue of certificates.

    • There is a minimum lead time of about 15 to 20 working days which is applicable on about 85% of the applications.

    • If the applicant has a prior conviction, irrespective of the severity and time elapsed, add between 15 and 30 working days to the lead time.


    • Very important !!! Lead times are estimates and not guaranteed.

J) Cost and Fees:

   • Service Fee excluding R 96-00 SAPS fingerprint processing fee R 445.

   • If R 96-00 paid at SAPS for fingerprints please attach receipt to fingerprints.

   • Courier fees in South Africa R 150.

   • Courier Fees over the borders of South Africa R 625.

   • Forex fees if paid from a financial institution outside of South Africa, including PayPal R 170-00

   • Payment is due within 48 hours from invoice. No follow up on applications will be done before payment is received.

  Who needs a Police Clearance Certificate?

There is no hard and fast rule but the following can be taken as a guideline for a person 16 years and older who wants to immigrate, work or study in a foreign country you and your dependants may have to provide police certificates.  Visa offices may also request certificates from students and temporary foreign workers.

• Wants to Emigrate.

• Wants permanent residency.

• Wants a work permit.

• Certain Visa applications.

• Certain types of occupations

Usually you must obtain Police Clearance Certificates from countries you visited for more than 6 consecutive months at a time.

How long is a Police Clearance Certificate valid for?

Again there is not a set rule but as a standard in the industry a maximum of 12 months. Some countries and organisations wants the police clearance certificates not to be older than 3 months. A re-issue can be obtained within six months of the originals certificate being issued.

What information will there be recorded on a South African Police Clearance Certificate?

The following information is usually recorded.

`  • Criminal judgements

    • Outstanding traffic fines are not recorded.

    • Judgements for Debt is not recorded.

    Note: Certain criminal offences can be expunged after a period of 10 years has lapsed.

Can a Police Clearance Certificate be Legalised?

 Official Police Clearance Certificates can be Apostilled, Legalised or Authenticated.



We can obtain a South African Police Clearance Certificate on your behalf even if you are outside of South Africa

In Short

1. Process:

1.1. Obtain full set of fingerprints

1.2. Download the Client Sheet.

1.3. Download and Complete the Application form.

1.3. Make a Good quality copy of your ID or passport

1.4. Courier or deliver to us

2. Cost and Fees:

 • Fingerprint processing fee R 59-00 (Attach receipt to application if paid at the South African Police).

 • Service Fee R 395

 • Forex Fees if paid from outside of South Africa R  170

 • Courier Fee in South Africa R 150

 • Courier Fee outside of South Africa R 525

 • Collection by courier R 180

Very Important To Read

Terms and Conditions

Fees and Cost

Lead Times

Kindly Note:

Lead times are based on our experience in 85% plus of our applications but cannot be guaranteed

Police Clearance Certificates are official documents issued by the Criminal Record centre of the South African Police Service.