GMTM Consultants

South African Head Office

57 Swarthout Street, Doringkloof, Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa, 0157

Telephone numbers:

From within South Africa: (012) 6709010 or (012) 6709022

From outside South Africa: (0027) 12 6709010 or (0027) 12 6709022


Office Hours Monday to Friday   9:00 to 15:00

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Official South African Document Retrieval, Authentication and Legalisation Specialists


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Terms and Conditions

Although we endeavour to deliver on our undertakings there but are times when we cannot deliver as envisaged. Our delivery time estimates are based on 85% of our results. With 85% plus of the time it is the result we get.

It must be noted that although we have exceptionally good relations with different government departments we are not privy to any special services besides the service we get from our long standing relation ships.

Although we have terms and conditions our first aim which is the sole reason of our existence is to satisfy our clients needs within the law and reasonable client expectations.

1. Lead Times:

1.1. We do not take any responsibility for any loss material, monitory and or any other loss due to non delivery of services due to any reason.

1.2. We do not take any responsibility for any loss material, monitory and or any other loss due to non delivery of services of any third party due to any reason.

1.3. The Department of Home Affairs has been trying to ban 3rd parties like our services from obtaining documents on behalf of clients. This attempt by home Affairs have not been successful to date and we would like to keep it that way. The main reason why Home Affairs are trying to stop 3rd parties is the corruption due to unscrupulous 3rd parties paying bribes to skip the normal queues. At GMTM we believe we play a roll in alleviating the burden on government departments by using the correct methods and documents to obtain results. We are thus known by personnel at various departments to be knowledgeable and courteous.

1.4. We are proud to say that several embassies and government departments refer clients to us to assist them.

2. Loss of Documents:

We take utmost care of all documents and we are fortunate that we have not lost a document yet but we do not take responsibility for the loss of any documents by any of our staff, any department or any 3rd party including couriers.

3. Faulty documents:

We take care to supply the correct information to government departments. GMTM Consultants does not take any responsibility for any mistakes on certificates issued by Government Departments or work concluded by 3rd parties.

3. Payment:

It is understood that it is to GMTM Consultants discretion to start proceedings before indicated deposits are received. Lead times start when deposits reflects in GMTM bank account.

 3.1. Deposits are not refundable if results cannot be obtained with the exception of:

       • Courier Fees if not utilised.

       • Fees payable to embassies etc if not utilised.

       • Expedite fees if paid in advance and documents could not be expedited.

 3.2. Courier and handing over of documents:

       • No documents will be courier ed or handed over before payment reflects in GMTM consultants bank accounts.

4. Courier of Documents.

Documents are courier ed the 1st working after all the under mentioned requirements are met.

  • Transactions are finalised

  • Documents are received back at our offices.

  • Payment in full reflects in our bank account.

5. Communication:

 • Our business is based on personal contact and involvement with Departments and agencies. Although we do our best to have somebody available at the office at all times it happens that we need everybody to do specific tasks outside of the office in our endeavour to stay within time frames. If we do not answer our phones please drop us a email and we will do our best to reply within 24 hours within working days and hours.

 • Although we understand the need for feedback please understand that after we have acknowledged receipt of a order we will start with the process. We will contact u if we have any results or need any more information.

 • When you communicate with us kindly supply all personal details

6. When do we start with your order.

Although we usually initiate the order because we understand the urgency of requests it must be understood that lead times and follow up on applications will only begin when the required deposit reflects in our bank account.

7. Vehicles:

All vehicles are driven on owners risk including fines for non licensing and not being road worthy.